There is the old saying that Virginia is for lovers. Well, it is only logical that there are also plenty of romantic getaways in Virginia. Located on the Atlantic Coast of the U.S. South, Virginia is a commonwealth that has been the birth state of 8 U.S. presidents. Couples can take heart in the fact that the state offers them a multitude of choices for weekend breaks with a romantic flavor.

Carriage at Colonial WilliamsburgOne of the most obvious choices for romantic getaways in Virginia is Colonial Williamsburg. One of the better known attractions in the whole state, Colonial Williamsburg excels at bringing to life fundamental parts of American history. Couples should enjoy the historical recreations that abound here, with actors faithfully dressed up in Colonial-era clothing completing the realism of this tourist attraction. One very interesting part of dining here is that certain restaurants will serve up specialties that were popular back in the 1700s, so couples looking for a romantic dining experience can also get a bit of history on their plates.

Virginia Wine TastingWeekend breaks for romantic getaways in Virginia just would not be complete without a trip to Virginia Wine Country. In the state, there are approximately 80 wineries, making it ideal as a vacation destination for lovers of wine and the finer things in life. Couples looking for a romantic weekend will enjoy the chauffeured wine tours that not only take them from vineyard to vineyard, but do so in style. Tours like these allow couples to connect over gourmet fare, fine wine and exquisite settings and locales.

In keeping with the theme that Virginia is the birthplace of many U.S. presidents, couples can take a trip to Monticello, which was the mountaintop estate of one President Thomas Jefferson. Taking a trip to his estate can make you appreciate the genius of this former president as well as admire some of his beliefs, such as the separation of church and state and liberty. As couples walk all over his estate, including the gardens and the plantation, they can hold hands and enjoy each other’s company as much as they learn about Jefferson’s life.

A good deal of people have likely not heard of Wolf Trap, which is a former farm located in Vienna, Virginia. One of the most romantic getaways in Virginia, Wolf Trap is big in the state for music lovers. It is a national park that is committed to the performing arts. Couples can travel here to enjoy the relationship between nature and the creative process, taking in all kinds of music and theater. Safe bets in this national park are the Barns at Wolf Trap (an indoor venue for the performance arts that seats almost 400 people) and the Wolf Trap Opera Company.

Virginia BeachVirginia Beach is almost a no-brainer when it comes to the most romantic getaways in Virginia. Deemed the “World’s longest pleasure beach” by none other than the Guinness Book of Records, Virginia Beach is devoted to pure recreation. Couples on a weekend break of romance can also make some time for pleasure activities that may bring them closer together. Some of the possibilities available to couples at this beach include just tanning on the beach, swimming, kayaking, checking out the Aquarium and even taking in some whale-watching. All of these activities are featured along the long coast of this beach. Virginia Beach is truly all about pleasure.

Romantic getaways in Virginia are something that couples will want to consider as an alternative to overseas vacations that can cost a lot more money. Virginia is more than a historic state that has a lot of sights to see that are integral to the founding of the U.S. and its many presidents. The state features a whole bunch of romantic getaways in Virginia that make it a very attractive destination for a visit or a weekend break for couples. Couples have the fortune to enjoy historic sites like Colonial Williamsburg and more modern spots like Virginia Beach. Both sites cater to couples looking for romance, but do so in very different ways, which is part of the attractiveness of traveling to this state for romance. Virginia offers couples a diverse choice of romantic sites and activities.