There are more romantic getaways in Michigan than couples might think. For couples who are searching for weekend breaks of romance, they might want to think closer to home than overseas. An overseas vacation can be costlier than taking a romantic trip to Michigan. When Michigan has so much in the way of romance, it would simply be a waste not to vacation in Michigan for romantic reasons.

Romantic getaways in Michigan are diverse and offer couples a lot of what they want. For starters, couples looking for a romantic time in the state should start off simple by just walking along the beach of Petoskey. Petoskey is a coastal resort community and city. The name of this location stems from an Ottawa Indian princess and also a French fur trader and nobleman’s son. Couples can enjoy the sea breeze and the mist of the ocean as they take in this relaxing and idyllic scene while holding hands and spending quality time together.

Holand, Michigan Tulip FestivalAnother idea for one of the many romantic getaways in Michigan involves the city of Holland. In Holland, couples can find a very amusing location called Windmill Island. Windmill Island is actually a smaller “town” of sorts inside of Holland; it is actually a miniature village that was established by early Michigan settlers. Looking similar to the early Netherlands, Windmill Island is already 240 years old and sits right in the middle of 36 acres full of canals, gardens and dikes. Couples who want to get the most out of romance at this location are advised to head here in the spring because more than 150,000 tulips will be in bloom then.

Couples who want to indulge in romantic getaways in Michigan should not forget the obvious, which is Motown in Detroit. Even if you are not a fan of Motown music from the 1960s and the 1970s, couples should still take some time to check out the Motown Historical Museum. If Barbra Streisand is more to your liking, then you and your special someone can stop in on the Cactus Club, which is where Streisand got her big break. Romantic vacation packages to this part of Detroit are offered all around the year.

Weekend breaks to Michigan for couples looking for a romantic time can be enhanced by a visit to an art gallery. It just so happens that St. Joseph, Michigan, is home to a number of art galleries that can serve as the perfect foundation for a romantic getaway in the state. Visiting these art galleries can even be made a more memorable experience if couples time their visit to coincide with the Magical Ice Carving Festival or the Venetian Festival, both of which are ideal events to encourage romantic getaways in Michigan. The Detroit Free Press has actually voted St. Joseph the most romantic city in the whole state, which means that couples who pass up this site do not know what they are missing.

Mackinac Island Carriage Ride Mackinac Island, which is both a resort area and an island that covers nearly 4 square miles, should not be passed up by couples visiting Michigan. As soon as they cross the Mackinac Bridge, couples are literally whisked away into a different century. Cars are not allowed here, so couples will have to walk or just treat themselves to taking a ride in a horse drawn carriage. All this adds up to a slower pace and a romantic ambiance that is perfect for couples looking to reconnect.

Romantic getaways in Michigan are sprinkled all over this enjoyable state. Whether couples want to take short weekend breaks or longer vacations to Michigan, they will always find something that can occupy their romantic interests. Music-loving couples can take a trip to Detroit’s Motown and enjoy all of the history there at the Motown Historical Museum, or they can travel to St. Joseph, which has been called the most romantic city in all of Michigan. Couples who like a beachside vacation can head to Petoskey, while couples that enjoy ambiance can either bring themselves to Mackinac Island or Windmill Island. While Michigan may not be the state most couples think of first for romance, its list of romantic getaways is long.